Friday, June 28, 2013


Poetry is painful 

it's the thoughts I think

& never say

until today

Why should I hide it?

Poetry makes me accept the fact that I'm vulnerable

& sometimes it's an ugly fact

& sometimes I over-react

But the point here is:

It's hard to share Poetry

Do I dare? What if I get the blank stare?

What if they read and really don't care?


I don't just give it to anyone

these verses locked inside

my books, my heart, my mind

because Poetry can hurt

& if it hurts to speak out loud

then I'll never draw a crowd

& I'll never get it out


keeps me sane

& helps me shake off blame

and helps me live with no regrets


thinking that Poetry is painful...

because it's not

and even if it only means something to me

it sets me free


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