Thursday, June 5, 2014


maybe i am selfish
don't ask me my wish
maybe i'm rude
so stop testing me, dude

     i live in a bubble
     i live on my own
     if the world's in a rubble
     i don't even know

so what if i daydream?
so what if i'm mean?
who cares if i only think about me?
it's high time i started
& quit actin' retarded
i'll make my dream come true
i'm better than you.

i'm quick with the words, they come without thought
what do you do again? it seems i forgot
i'm stubborn and shallow, too fast on the draw
i didn't know you had feelings at all
i'm not interested, i know you can tell
besides, i really don't know you that well

i don't have a minute
to be up in it
i'm consumed with things
though i may pull your strings...
i want you to know

i am selfish.

no, i don't remember
that time last september
our anniversary?
that's news to me
has it been that long?
wow, two years have gone....

     i live in a bubble
     i live on my own
     if the world's in a rubble
     i don't even know

 i am selfish

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