Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Who's to say?

Who’s to say…

that I can’t be loud?
draw a crowd
‘cuz I’m proud
‘cuz I stand on my own 
or that I’m accident prone
things happen for reasons
so I change with the seasons.


Who’s to say…

That I haven’t won
by being on the run
or having a ton
of fun 
happy years-they last
they’re not all in the past
more to come
even when I come undone
bouncing back
is only the 2nd act
in this play
and on this stage.


Who’s to say…

I can’t be bitter 
but see, I ain’t a quitter 
I’m pushin’ on-followin’ my heart
ending one thing-to start
something new-a new part
building my castle
without any hassles.


So, who’s to say…

I don’t have everything I desire?
that I’m fire
repellent-there’s nothing to burn
except my ass till I take my turn?


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