Friday, January 2, 2015

Once & For Fucking All

Once & for fucking all I'm letting  go of the past

I'm making friend-ships and love-ships guaranteed  to last

The negative voice in my head?

I killed her - she's dead!

No more "I can't-s" -  No more fear

Just more love - that's what I want to hear

I'm abundant and strong

No matter where I go, I belong!

So haters beware - watch me fly

I've got the world at my fingertips and a gleam in my eye
I did what I did, now I'll do what I do
To prove to myself... to make it true

So I say...

Once & for fucking all, it's over! I'm done!

Today is the start.... I've overcome

They said I couldn't

They said I wouldn't

Yet I did, I'm here

and once &  for fucking all my path is clear!

Once &  for fucking all I will be on top!

Once & for fucking all I will never stop!