Wednesday, May 7, 2014

tender hands

don't remind me
about the time we
only met at night...
we had to meet
down the street
to talk by dashboard light
forget the place 
you touched my face      
& stared into my eyes...
played our song
all night long
gave in to compromise

if I remember
your hands so tender
or your breath
against my flesh
my senses will fade
from the love we made
my senses will fade
my senses will fade

let's not recall
the time that fall
you carried me on your back...
rolled up our sleeves
played in the leaves
committed to the fact
don't let me say
how you had your way
& made my heart skip beats...
your body & mine
& we surrendered to the heat
let's pretend
there's no rules to bend
let's deal with what's to be
don't hesitate
it's much too late
I refuse to believe....

that your breath
against my flesh
makes me remember
your hands so tender
my senses will fade
from the love we made
your hands so tender
I don't want to remember.



Who's to say?

Who’s to say…

that I can’t be loud?
draw a crowd
‘cuz I’m proud
‘cuz I stand on my own 
or that I’m accident prone
things happen for reasons
so I change with the seasons.


Who’s to say…

That I haven’t won
by being on the run
or having a ton
of fun 
happy years-they last
they’re not all in the past
more to come
even when I come undone
bouncing back
is only the 2nd act
in this play
and on this stage.


Who’s to say…

I can’t be bitter 
but see, I ain’t a quitter 
I’m pushin’ on-followin’ my heart
ending one thing-to start
something new-a new part
building my castle
without any hassles.


So, who’s to say…

I don’t have everything I desire?
that I’m fire
repellent-there’s nothing to burn
except my ass till I take my turn?