Friday, November 21, 2014

love, divine

Good morning, my love
You’re a gift from above
Ya must’ve fallen straight from the sky
& into my life
but see the whole time….
I was searching the earth for you
Made a million wishes on stars and moons
But now, my heart, I let it lead me
And I know that’s how you came to be

You’re perfectly
My center of gravity
You were drawn to me
By possibilities

Was waiting for you
Made changes for you
So I could greet you
With an open heart
& open arms
And now you’re mine.
My love, divine

You’re mine you’re mine you’re mine…my love, divine

Hey there my love
My answered prayer from above
You’re a dream no more
Somehow…I knew I’d adore
Every single piece of you…from head to toe
So I thought I’d let you know
I’m completely into you
I just want the best for you

Became a reality
From my fantasy
Our love’s meant to be
And now you’re mine you’re mine you’re mine!
My love, divine
You’re mine you’re mine you’re mine… My love, divine

(Someday I'll read this to you in person...)

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