Monday, February 3, 2014

tippy toes (2002)

why be married and cheat
turn your back around & creep
think he’ll turn the other cheek
& forget that you’re a freak
no one’s stuck
you still have luck
don’t give me that shit
quit yankin’ on dick

I’ll never understand
how you come home to a man
that you can barely stand
& lie all you can
you walked down an aisle
now you’re swimming in denial
you’ll get caught after while
'cuz that shit goes outta style

I won’t pat you on the head
smile at everything you said
but I’ll write it out with lead
let you READ my word instead

you no-good fuckin’ hoes
that walk around on tippy toes
I’ll put you into rows
and in your face I’ll throw
just a simple phrase
‘bout life these days
the ultimate price to pay
a four-letter word called AIDS
if you opened your eyes
quit pretending you are blind
maybe you would see
this world full of disease

you’re adding to the list
all the people that you kiss
you subject yourself to this
you have no right to be pissed
when it blows up in your face
& your life becomes replaced
with a past you can’t erase
you wasted all that cash
on a love that didn’t last
you jumped at the chance
to go out and run the streets
and try to be discreet
but you got weights on your feet
you’re starting to slow
got nowhere to go
& now you know

that being a no-good fuckin’ hoe
that walks around on tippy toes
will be among those
that no one wants to touch
there’s no one left to love
you just ran out of luck


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