Thursday, February 6, 2014

my rap

Mi amor?
I don’t adore
you more than before
see, I ain’t a whore
but I like to score
then I’m out tha door
don’t really know myself anymore

what I’ve become
what I’ve done
dam I had fun
but I’m tha one
to be on tha run  

believe this shit
I give what I get
figure it out yet?
I’m a sure bet
come throw it down
I’ll keep ya around
remember my sound
drifting onto your grounds

I don’t drink from half tha glass
top mine off, do it fast
I want tha feeling to last
I’ll giggle
just a little
mess up a riddle
tha rumble in my tummy
made me kinda chubby
swallowed most of tha world
tryin’ to be a girl
that posses it all
goin’ thru changes
despite what my age is
curiosity’s contagious

payday-ha! what a joke
I’m still broke
gone before I make it
bill collectors take it
be happy? well I fake it
my ass? I’d like to shake it
bills are cake? believe I bake it

step to tha front
smoke a blunt
get what I want
change my font
I’ll print tha words
not in cursive, ya heard?
am I disturbed
or just perturbed
‘bout tha dollas I burn?

maybe I’m pissed
last one on tha list
do you want to kiss
my ass or my fist?
am I dreamin’? Just pinch
my cheek and let me know
if you can keep up with my flow
I think tha answer might be no
so dude, just let it go

I'll put a mirror on tha ceiling
to bring out freaky feelings
but I don’t just have flings
I make ‘em jump thru rings
I’m tha one to rock tha boat
leave u drownin’ in a mote
with no remote
to watch TV
or a floor to get on your knees
to beg me to stop
I’m over tha top
bet you’d like it a lot

I’m supa dupa like missy
kinda fun kinda prissy
I am just who I am
a sassy chic with an alternate plan
took my first breath on the fifth of December
came out bravin’ tha winter
inhaled the ice
on the first day o’ my life
became the sweet, sexy me
lasting longer than eternity

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