Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Fairy Tale

I think us women are born with a deep-seeded thought that someday, somewhere, somehow a prince is going to come along and sweep us off our feet.
You know.. rescue us in some fantastic way like at the end of Pretty Woman or nearly every Disney movie ever made.

As a young girl I believed in those fairy tales often daydreaming that Shaun Cassidy would come to my house and take me away. I believed again when I was convinced that Scott Baio was going to come serenade me at my bedroom window with his remake of Midnight Confessions. Then there was Michael Jackson, who I swear, pointed at me way up in that back row and professed his love during one of his concerts.

Sadly, I never heard from any of at the age of 12 I stopped the believing. Well, okay maybe not stopped entirely, but I sure learned at a young age that the whole fairy tale ending just does not happen in real life.

Now that I am a grown woman I find myself daydreaming of the perfect man coming into my life; not to rescue me, but rather to compliment me. I've never met a perfect person, but that eternal sense of hope that is embedded deep inside my soul urges me to try and find the one who is perfect for me. A soul-mate, if you will.

It is for this reason that I signed up for dating websites. How else can a single gal find a man?

Grocery stores? I tried that once... He worked in the meat department. He started following me through the store then finally decided to speak to me. We hit it off okay.. as okay as two people can in a grocery store. But outside of there during our first dinner together he turned paranoid claiming that the whole place was staring at us. (I am white, he was black) I laughed it off but he insisted that Old Chicago was full of racists. Let's just say that it all ended there for me. I found a new store to shop at.

Bars? I tried that once (or twice) too... We all know how that option turns out. I ended up becoming the girl they call when the bar closes. Not exactly what I wanted for myself.

Work? Yep. Been there, done that! The issue? People notice and gossip. Not really the kind of reputation I want as a professional woman!

Hell I even made out with a plumber once that came to fix my toilet. How did that end? I still got the bill.


Here I am. Online. Online with no Shaun Cassidy's or Michael Jackson's in sight.
Online with the supposed millions of other single people that are looking for the same thing as me. So why do my chances feel like they are literally one in a million? How hard is this going to be?!

Maybe I need to believe in that fairy tale again to make him appear.
Maybe I need to believe with my whole heart that he is on his way.
And maybe, just maybe my tale will come true.

But until then...

I'll be in my window... waiting...

(Scott Baio, I've got the music cued!)

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