Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Best Date I Never Had

It is my own personal theory that single people have to take advantage of
every situation in order to meet other single people.
You really never know who will cross your path.

The best date I never had came in the form of an internet installer.
That's right, never had. Never had because it was not a date.

He was handsome, polite, funny, quick-witted, and interesting. When he
smiled... oh man, he smiled! One of those impossible to forget kind of smiles.. One of those smiles you want to see repeatedly... especially when it's aimed at you.

He was at my home to do job. He was to install my internet.

But he did more than that. He listened, he shared, he laughed and made me laugh. He looked me right in my eyes, and his eyes were amazing.

We talked and laughed for hours. We had so much in common & it was
easy! Real easy. And comfortable, so comfortable.. I was me. He was him. We
were on fire.

The topics of conversation bounced between our pasts, our present days and
even into the future.. from music to hidden talents and general wonders
about the world and people in it.

How could I have this much in common with this random person? It's not like the dating site had matched our interests or anything. Where the hell did he come from? And further... where had he been all this time?
Where was this beautifully flawed, authentic human last month when I, instead, met one crazy after another?

Could this random interaction have been fate? He wasn't even supposed to work that day!
Could it really be possible that after the thousands of emails, texts, messages, outings, chats &
meet-ups from my online profiles that the person I had such an amazing day with came from nowhere? Literally fell out of the sky and into my day?

Is it true what they say about finding what you want when you least expect it?
Because I was expecting an old guy with a plumber's crack and bad teeth. I was expecting that the interaction would be short and sweet. Who knew that I would end up having so much damn fun??

Certainly not I... not the Kisser of Frogs!!

When the job was finished we exchanged numbers. We started texting within 10 minutes of his departure from my home. 30 minutes later he came back to hang out some more! Again, totally at ease, we laughed, talked, listened to music and played cards. After he left the 2nd time my phone rang... It was him!
I was on cloud freakin' nine.I smiled for the remainder of the night. This prospect was a good one! I was.... SO EXCITED.

  But here I sit without a single word from him. Here I sit... discouraged, disappointed, and missing that connection. Missing me, and how free and comfortable I was in those glorious moments.Moments like that are few and far between for a girl like me. I'm beginning to feel like I was punked or that it was all a dream.
Way to tease a girl, Universe!


Who knows what will happen. Maybe nothing. Maybe everything.
At this point I choose to look at it for what it was: the best date I never had!

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