Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I laugh alone now
Cuz' I know in time
You’ll be here to laugh with me
So I’m practicing

Even though I shop alone
Eat dinner alone
& talk out loud to myself
Eventually you’ll appear
& want to hear
These words that pour from my heart

My stories of life before you
And how I've prepared for you
How I’ve kept your side of the bed warm
How I cant wait to read you the poem
That I wrote late one night
About you being mine
Thanking you for the love
You brought into my world
& how I never knew this girl
Would grow into the woman
You’d admire
How you’d be able to light my fire
Or feed my passion
& have this love

It's okay that I sit and ponder
Let my mind wander
Dreaming of holding your hand
Cherishing the fact
That you are now my man
Hey, thanks for coming
Just when I needed you
I appreciate you
We’ve love in the truest form
We'll never be bored

I’ve prepared for you


when the frog I kiss
turns into a prince
I'll read him this

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