Friday, July 5, 2013

Instant Message

Hey you! Where you live?
Are you single? Got any kids?
I dig your style
You’ve got the cutest smile!
I live in DC
What's a few miles?

I was having a terrible day
Until I saw your page
Hey! What’s your age?
You don’t know who I am?
Can I still peep the cam?

Hey there girl… are you alone?
Where you at? Work or home?
I’ve been starin’ at your pictcha
Want me there witcha?
Dam you’re fine!
If you were mine
I’d hold you all the time!

All night long I thought about you
Girl who else you talking to?
How’s my baby? My lady? My boo?
Why can’t I call you?
What… you can’t show no love?
You turn me on like no one does!

Hey now baby… lick your lips
Can I get a kiss? Will you suck my dick?
Betcha mine’s bigger than his!
C’mon let’s cyber a bit.

I’m not your baby… I have a daddy
I’m quite busy… I don’t feel chatty
Even if I’m a cutie
I won’t give up tha booty
Naw, I don’t remember
last December
Did we chat all night?
If memory serves me right…
You only offered disrespect
I never considered the prospect
Of letting you call
I didn’t like you at all
Why’d you think I’d be the one?
Never mind… this convo’s done.

(And that pretty much sums up 90% of online chatting... fun huh?)

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